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Adz Group is a collection of experienced executives. We assess each client's specific situation and tap into a network of seasoned professionals to assemble the best team.

Alden Zecha, Principal

Alden's more than 20 years of experience as an international executive includes founding and operating several businesses across three continents. He leads Adz Group's operational effectiveness practice helping clients stimulate profits by delivering more with fewer resources often after a change in leadership, a merger, or an acquisition. Prior to founding Adz Group, Alden was CFO and co-founder of PrivatSea, an ultra-luxury travel company in London. He has also led a US manufacturer's Asian region after-sales service business, was a consultant with both Monitor Group and KPMG Consulting and has been a contributor to CIO magazine. Alden received his MSE and BSE with honors from Princeton University where he was a United Technologies Scholar. He currently serves on the boards of companies in the United States, Europe and Asia and is President of the Princeton Entrepreneurs' Network of Boston.

John Kenney, Senior Advisor

John is a seasoned technology consultant and entrepreneur who has focused on helping high-tech, communications, and media companies assess and plan for opportunities especially around online marketing, business processes, and new products. At Adz Group, John helps clients leverage new technologies to cost-effectively improve operations, marketing, and sales. Prior to joining Adz, he held senior positions at leading consulting firms such as Accenture, Adventis, and Granitar. He has also founded two companies - one focused on digital media and one involving joint ventures in China. John received his SM (MBA) from the MIT Sloan School of Management, his ME from the University of Virginia, and BS from Beloit College. He currently serves as director of several digital media companies.

James Kung, Senior Advisor

James's 20+ years of entrepreneurial and international executive experience in the US, Asia, and Europe help Adz Group clients with their global industry analyses, market entry strategies, evaluations of potential returns on investment, and start-up executions. Prior to Adz Group, James was the co-founder and COO of PrivatSea, an ultra-luxury travel company in London which was acquired for US$126mn in 2008, yielding a 1,200% ROI for investors in a four-year period. James started his career at IBM and then worked as an investment banker for UBS in Hong Kong and Zurich, during which time he also co-founded two luxury goods/leisure services companies. He then held senior positions in two Web-based data services companies in New York. James received his MBA from INSEAD and BA from the University of California, Berkeley. He is fluent in Mandarin, proficient in German, and conversant in Portuguese.

Greg Stoller, Senior Advisor

Greg is an entrepreneur and international executive who has experience in Asian, Latin American and US markets. His expertise helps Adz Group clients enter new markets and develop and implement their outsourcing strategy. Greg remains a faculty member at Boston College's Carroll School of Management in the MBA program and is director of its International Consulting Project. Previously, he held finance and strategy positions with real estate, technology and consumer services companies. Greg received his MBA from Harvard Business School and his BA from Cornell University. He is fluent in Japanese, proficient in French and Mandarin Chinese, and conversant in Spanish.

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