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Adz Group delivers effectiveness

Adz Group collaborates with clients to increase both profits and operational effectiveness. Our expertise is helping clients of all sizes optimize resource allocations to maximize customer impact and profits.

We help executives chart clear trajectories for their businesses. Our clients improve their bottom lines by learning how to better deploy their staff, capital, and equipment resources.

How We Work For You

Our process is rapid and systematic. Within a month, we identify specific and pragmatic steps to increase near-term profit momentum and provide a roadmap to the next level of profitability.

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Selected Assignments

  • Within 3 months, turned a small magazine publishing company profitable after several losing years. Streamlined operations and achieved a 300% year-on-year revenue increase.
  • Increased revenue more than 10% for a $250M manufacturer in a mature market by reorganizing and expanding distribution channels.
  • Created complex financial models for a major manufacturer leading to $50M annual savings and working capital reduction over $100M.
  • Analyzed the commercial and strategic impact of a new $100M service offering; recommendations were implemented within 6 months.
  • Served as interim CFO of a multi-national subsidiary of a global conglomerate during their year-end closing.